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January 2014

Useful Links

Click on the logos and Links below to view other sites which contain a wealth of knowledge, Be aware that the American sites are great but their treatments are not necessarily available here in the UK, which is a shame as they seem to be years ahead, apparently they say the same about us. Some medications may also be known by different names.


This is our parent site managed by webmistress Stella Bernardi who has obtained a wealth of information over the past five years. Please do become a member and sign up for emails and fibro news.

fibroassociation fibrouk

UK sites, full of relevant information.


By far the most factual site, it is American, so unfortunately most treatment will not be available here, but you will be able to tick off all the symptoms.

dr jabob

This American doctor is very knowledgeable on fibro and chronic fatigue syndrome, take a look over his web site for all the latest news and going's on in the fibro world. We also have a dvd in our shop/library titled 'ICAF Seminar Series 2006' its a little old, but still contains some useful info.


fibroaware fibrovisible


Guy's hospital are heading the fight against fibromyalgia, new web site up and running so please visit. You can contact them to have your fibro confirmed by the top man, Professor Davies. There is a referral letter you can use on the 'information' page.


For some local treatment i can recommend these guys, based in Rustington, they know what they are doing and have experience with fibro, they have also attended one of our meetings to meet sufferers, i definately recomment the Chinese acupuncture, it is very satifying, i'm a firm beleiver in fighting fire with fire, some inside knowledge for fibro sufferers, keep the neck warm, (i'm dreadful for this) use the chinese 7-11 rule, eat main meals between 7-11am to maximise on energy through the day, light meals later in days, strictly no food and drink after 8pm, it causes the toxins which make us tired



Great for food concerns





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