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January 2014

Reducing Oxalates

If your anything like me you try to eat healthy nutritious foods no matter the price. But it's quite possible you have a fridge full of those 'good foods' as I do that are actually attributing to your aches and pains. Here is an article by Dr Clare Morrison, a fibro sufferer herself who disgusses this in more detail as reported in the Daily Mail, 14 August 2012.

What interested me more than anything was the mention of Kidney Stones as I just passed my third stone in six years. If your as tired of Fibro and Stones as I am this may be what we have been looking for. I have always been concerned at the amount of toxins left in my body and tried to improve my eating habbits. I always thought it important to eat berries to increase antioxident levels, perhaps this is wrong. It's always the way.

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