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January 2014



Alpha-hydroxy Lotion for Dry Skin

aha For those who have read my story on the 'fibromitess' page, let me introduce you to this incredible lotion which has changed my life for the better. Recently I learned a few of us Fibro sufferers have some dry skin issues, so this may be of interest to you. After seeing a documentary on TV I joined a US forum and followed the threads to discover the lotion for myself. The High Potency Acid or Alpha Hydroxy Lotion is made by Dermal Therapy of Canada and sold here in UK by Advanced Care Products for around £16.50 plus postage. Sounds a lot but it is a decent size bottle at 474ml and lasts ages. The lotion was formulated to deal with dry skin types that can't be managed by mere cosmetics and such treatments as supplied by the NHS today, most of which are disgusting smelly and greasy and don't exfoliate.

The dry skin has to go first, (exfoliatation) before protecting the new skin below and I was told like us with Fibro, to simply just live with my condition. Anyway, I purchased my first bottle and began treatment. At first I used it neat from the bottle, and later thinned with a little water to aid spreading. In fact now after a shower I don't dry off, I just dab the excess water under arms etc and use the lotion directly onto wet skin to lock in the moisture. It dries pretty quick too in just ten minutes allowing you to dress without stickiness.

I began with three showers a day and in just five days there was such a major improvement, my skin looked and felt fantastic, was re-hydrated and elasticity returned. WOW! Now I use the lotion just once after morning shower and more in the winter months. Use this link if you like to purchase:

Irritation can result from flaking and scaly dry skin especially if suffering from Psoriasis, Eczema or Ichthyosis, the later is my condition. Alpha-Hydroxy Lotion is a powerfully formulated lotion made specially to deal with such skin conditions with a long lasting moisturising effect. It is fast acting to give instant relief. Formulated to have an exfoliating effect on dry skin cells to leave skin softer and smoother protecting the new layer beneath. It contains 10% Urea to soothe itching and aid exfoliation, with 10% Lactic Acid to protect the young skin below. Can be applied as often as is necessary.

Just to clarify something, I am no sales rep, just a satisfied customer who wants to help others fight this dry skin condition. All I need now is to find a miracle cure for Fibro ha ha!