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The only ebook we have so far.


A book by Rebecca Richardson

This is not intended as a guidebook or an instruction manual. It is simply my journey to recovery in which I have shared with you the techniques I used to aid my recovery from Fibromyalgia. It is my belief that the techniques I learnt aided my recovery from surgery to remove a pancreatic tumour and that my ability to understand and consciously connect with my body was directly responsible for the early diagnosis of my malignant melanoma.

This book is designed to share with you my understanding that fibromyalgia is not something that just happens. It is my belief that it is our body’s way of telling you that you need to take action in some area of your life.

Please visit

kindle kindle2

If you are lucky enough to own a Kindle Reading Device then you may be interested to learn that there are (at last count) 160 e-books on Fibromyalgia available from Amazon. Please note to use this you will need to have an account with Amazon. Kindles available everywhere, shop around, even Tescos and other supermarkets do them.

If however like myself you don't own a Kindle yet then you can download the Kindle Reader for your PC. Click on the kindle above left to go to the kindle apps homepage and download from there. Also available for Mac's and iPads, iPhone and Android devices. If you just wish to see a list of the 160 books available click on the picture above right.

Library Books

Together with the Fibromyalgia Support Group for Surrey and Sussex, we have two extensive libraries of books that cover all aspects of Fibromyalgia.

These books are available to members for £1.00 per month when you come to our support meetings held monthly in Worthing and Horsham respectively, all proceeds go to the charity. The Libraries will be swapped from time to time in order for you to gain full availability to all that is known on Fibro old and new.

If you have any liturature that you would like to donate on Fibromyalgia we would so greatful.


001 Destructive Emotions and how we can overcome them
Dalai Lama +Daniel Goleman - 2003

A common challenge for humanity lies at the heart of this book, which documents a collaboration between the Dalai Lama and a group of scientists centering on understanding and countering destructive emotions. These meetings of the mind occurred many months before the cataclysmic events of September 11th, 2001. But by virtue of its relevance to the dark passions unleashed in those acts, this collaboration has taken on unexpected timeliness.


003 Minds of Blue Souls of Gold - Michael Levy  - 1998

Book of Poetry


004 How to lighten the heavy load of fibromyalgia

Karen grove - 2005

Suffering from debilitating fatigue, flu-like pain, migraines, short term memory loss, and weakness, Karen was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1992.

This book lends deep insight into Karen's life from birth to the present. She wrote this personal journey to help you to think about the times in your life which might have triggered trauma. One of those triggers may be the reason why you have Fibromyalgia today.

Karen has learned to manage the devastating physical symptoms of Fibromyalgia with her program called The Grove Approach: Healthier Living with Fibromyalgia. Karen will discuss the program in detail including herself having designed and copyrighted exercise therapy called FIBROGA, fibromassage therapy, fibro diet and nutrition, fibro chiropractory, and beauty tips for "Looking good and feeling better". The book focuses on regaining your life back. She can help you through this process if you have determination, consistency and follow the program.

This is a "For the rest of your life" program!

note: there is a dvd to accompany this book in the dvd section 'The Grove Approach'


039 Coping with fibro - Beth Ediger - 1991

All three publications listed below were published in the United Kingdom by Fibromyalgia Friends: Scotland with generous financial support from Awards for All.

Treating Fibromyalgia by Beth Ediger
Fibromyalgia: Fighting Back by Bev Spencer
Coping with Fibromyalgia by Beth Ediger
>Copies cost £5 each (plus 80p postage for one copy, £1.30 for two copies and £1.50 for three copies).

Fibromyalgia Friends: Scotland
PO Box 5236,
East Kilbride
Glasgow G74 3YF
Tel/Fax' 01355-903363
Support groups placing bulk orders contact FF:S for postal costs.


058 Your guide to metabolic health
Gina Honeyman-Lowe & John Lowe - 2003

Tragically, millions of people today suffer from poor metabolic health. Their energy is low, they may have aches, pains, depression, poor memory and concentration, anxiety, malaise, and "female problems." They find work a strain and play joyless.

They lack a sparkle in their eyes, and they struggle to get through the day. Their potential to fulfil their purpose in life remains just that - potential only. Some seek the help of doctors, only to be told they have one of the "new diseases," such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. And the unluckiest of all are told, "It's all in your head."

In contrast to people with poor metabolic health, people with good metabolic health are able to handle stress, and they're resistant to sickness and disease. They possess the physical vitality arid mental vigor to fully engage in all aspects of life-they have the energy, stamina, and well-being to work, play, eat, and sleep with ease.

Common causes of poor metabolic health are well understood. By controlling or eliminating these causes, most people can improve or recover their metabolic health. Dr. Honeyman-Lowe and Dr. Lowe describe the necessary steps in this concise "how-to" book. Visit the authors' web site,


075 Practical Homeopathy - Sylvia Treacher - 1996

This highly accessible and user-friendly guide to homeopathy recommends safe and natural homeopathy remedies for conditions of every kind.


093  The Pain Cure  -   Dharma Singh Khalsa  -  1999

For decades doctors considered it almost untreatable. If you are one of the millions of people who live with pain, you can finally do something about it. Now a pioneer in the practice of integrative medicine and an innovative force in the field of pain management presents the first comprehensive program for relieving chronic pain, based on proven therapies from sources ancient and modern, East and West.


100  Mind Over Mood

Dennis Greenberger & Christine Padesky  -  1995

Mind over Mood is different from other books you might read to help you do this. Written by two clinical psychologists, this manual shows you how to improve your life using cognitive therapy - one of the most effective and widely practiced forms of psychotherapy. Step-by-step worksheets teach you specific skills that have helped thousands of people conquer depression, panic attacks, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame, low self-esteem, eating disorders, substance abuse, and relationship problems. Whether you are in therapy or not, use this manual as an effective tool to learn practical steps to feel better and make the changes you want.


115 Living with Fibromyalgia

Christine Graggs-Hinton - 2000

Fibromyalgia is little-understood, incurable and a painful condition, which has a debilitating effect on the lives of those who must endure it. It encompasses many symptoms, including fatigue, insomnia, stiffness, anxiety, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome and depression. Frequently, however, people will simply say they are "hurting all over".

If you suffer from fibromyalgia this helpful guide offers clear, straightforward medical information about the causes and symptoms, and practical advice to help you live your life as fully as possible.

This book contains well researched medical topics as well as considering the everyday problems facing FMS sufferers and carers . . .

Fibromyalgia Association UK is delighted to endorse this book.


127 The Pain Relief Handbook
Chris Wells + Graham Nown - 1993

Do you suffer from: Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatic Pain, Arm Pain, Neuralgia, Headaches?

This book has been written to help those who suffer from all types of chronic pain. Drawn from the ground-breaking work of The Walton Pain Management Centre, it is the ultimate guide to coming to terms with, coping with and overcoming pain.

Dr Chris Wells looks at both traditional and alternative medicine as well as exercise, diet and relaxation as means of relief from suffering. His recommended approach will help sufferers to break the pain cycle and regain control of their lives. Techniques include mastering relaxation, graded activity and learning to control pain. It also contains advice for the family and friends of pain sufferers, giving positive guidelines on helping and supporting those in pain.

136 136  IBS. A complete guide to Relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome -  Christine Dancey & Susan Backhouse  ­  1997

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is debilitating and depressing. The causes of this increasingly common condition are uncertain, but its effects on the lives of thousands of sufferers are not. This book explains what is known about IBS, describes the experiences of sufferers, assesses the whole range of treatment options, from conventional medicine to self-help and support groups, and offer practical help in coping with IBS from day to day.


203 203  Fibro A Nutritional Approach -  William Hennen  -  1999

Reverse the debilitating effects of Fibromyalgia. The emergence of fibro in recent years and its complexity of causes has placed more emphasis on a holistic treatment for this and other related disorders. From joint pain to sleep problems, to extreme fatigue, fibromyalgia can be a severely debilitating disorder. This booklet provides valuable information on how to effectively treat fibromyalgia through nutritional regimes, supplementation and other lifestyle changes.


221 221 Fibromyalgia A Resource Guide For Health Care Professionals - National Fibromyalgia Partnership Inc.




227 227  Managing Stress  - Ursula Markham -  2003

Too tired to sleep? Lacking motivation?
Feeling overwhelmed and no longer able to cope?
If so, you’re suffering from stress.

Too much stress can be harmful, causing physical and mental ill health. Yet a certain amount of stress is necessary, keeping you alert and enabling you to 'think on your feet'. So how much stress is too much? How can you maintain the right balance when you feel under pressure in the hectic modern world?

Ursula Markhams positive and practical book will teach you how to control the stress in your life and gain self-confidence. Filled with useful charts, exercises and examples, it will help you to:

  • Recognize the symptoms of stress overload.
  • Assess your stress factor
  • Relieve tension through lifestyle changes, diet and physical and mental relaxation techniques
  • Utilize the positive power of stress

Managing Stress is an invaluable book for anyone in search of success, happiness and personal fulfilment.


229 229  The Alexander Technique Workbook

Richard Brennan  -  2002

Today people often accept common ailments such as backache, headache, arthritis, depression and nervous tension as being ‘normal’. We may readily believe the discomfort we suffer is a natural consequence of ‘wear and tear’, and not realise that we can do something positive about it.



231 231  The Meditation doctor

Martina Glasscock Barnes and Kenneth Lenington - 2004

Today more than ever, physicians and psychiatrists are prescribing relaxation and meditation techniques as alternative treatments for their patients. Many individuals are also seeking different avenues to relieve stress and improve their general health.

The Meditation Doctor combines Eastern and Western meditative practices and encourages the reader to participate in a journey of exploration and restoration. It introduces self-healing, awareness-building and creative resource for relieving physical pain psychological anxiety through the power of meditation.


233 233  Meditation for Wimps - Miriam Austin  - 2003

Find out how amazingly easy meditation is. Even if you don't have much time to devote to it, meditation can relax your body and quiet your mind, as well as help you overcome challenges. Free yourself from stress, fear, anxiety, and anger. Learn to embrace uncomfortable situations with balance and equanimity. Experience your true self, which is love, kindness, compassion, serenity, and joy. Don't wait any longer to enjoy the extraordinary benefits of this practice.


277 277  The Best of Fibromyalgia Frontiers 1992-2000

National Fibromyalgia Partnership Inc

no editorial available




288 288  Secrets of Serotonin - Carol Hart - 1996

Serotonin -- a completely natural hormone manufactured by your own body can dramatically transform your mood, reduce your appetite, and improve your life. Serotonin has a powerful effect on the brain: enough and you feel great; too little and you may binge on food or alcohol, get a migraine, or even feel suicidal.

In fact, millions of people take Prozac every day to compensate for low serotonin levels without knowing that changes In diet and lifestyle may be all they need.

Now this breakthrough book helps you take charge of your own health and healing. It shows you how to boost your serotonin levels, safely and without drugs. You'll discover fast and easy-to-do daily serotonin-balancing routines and food choices that can:

  • Reduce weight by natural appetite suppression
  • Fight depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive behaviour
  • Curb migraines and chronic headache
  • Relieve PMS
  • Energize your body and eliminate fatigue

Includes a complete eating and activity program to keep your mood up, your energy high, and your appetite curbed.


290 290  The Melatonin Miracle

Walter Pierpaoli, William Regelson & Carol Colman ­ 1995

The discovery of our body's aging clock and melatonin's role as its regulator is a revolutionary medical breakthrough - one that can give you the power to reverse the effects of aging and lead a longer, healthier life.



295 295  Fibromyalgia and the MindBodySpirit Connection

William Salt & Edwin Season -  2001

Do you have widespread muscular aching, pain, and stiffness?
Are you having trouble sleeping?
Are you always tired and fatigued?

You could be one of millions of people who suffer from Fibromyalgia. If so, then this book is for YOU! If you suffer with arthritis there is a high likelihood you may also have fibromyalgia. You too, can learn how to feel better!


297 297  The interstitial cystitis survival guide

Robert moldwin  -  2000

If you are one of more than 700,000 Americans who suffers from Interstitial Cystitis (IC), you probably known its symptoms of recurring bladder pain and other discomforts can have a devastating impact on the quality of life – for both you and your family. Often misdiagnosed, IC sufferers are routinely put through a battery of unfamiliar tests, prescribed a variety of medications, or even encouraged to have surgical interventions.

If you’ve experienced the medical system run-around or live in dread of your next IC flare-up, The Interstitial Cystitis Survival Guide offers both real help and hope. This-care guide is designed to uncomplicat the process and empower readers to make sure they are getting the most appropriate treatment for their condition. Dr. Robert Moldwin helps readers:

  • Gain a clear understanding of what IC is and how it’s diagnosed.
  • Evaluate the latest medications and their side effects
  • Make informed decisions about surgery and other treatment options
  • Learn the latest, most up-to-date medical, nonmedical, and alternative strategies for managing and reducing symptoms


302 302  The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook

Clair Davies -  2001

Literally millions of people will be helped ­- and billions of dollars saved in unnecessary treatments and medications -- as people and professionals finally begin to understand the role of muscles, referred pain, -- and trigger points in eliminating pain. Clair Davies has provided an important bridge between the many helping professions that deal with people in pain.


303 303  Fibromyalgia and chronic Myofascial Pain, A survival manual - Devin Starlanyl & Mary Copeland  - 2001

Devin Starlanyl has a remarkable determination to help relieve mankind of unnecessary suffering. The guidance in this book can serve both practitioners who have yet to understand the nature of their own musculoskeletal aches and pains, and patients who are unable to find a practitioner adequately skilled in this neglected subject. The message of this book is a voice crying.


309 309  Fibromyalgia and Female Sexuality

Marline Emmal  - 2001

Fibromyalgia and Female Sexuality is the first book on fibromyalgia to explore how the various aspects of female sexuality can impact this baffling disorder. Understanding this impact can assist a woman in coping better with her fibromyalgia.

Entire chapters are devoted to intimacy, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. This book provides up-to-date information on the many ramifications of female sexuality on fibromyalgia and gives sensible advice on how to manage the disorder’s ups and downs.

Fibromyalgia and Female Sexuality is written in an easy-to-understand, conversational style. It is a self-help book that will enable the reader to alleviate some of the symptoms of pain, fatigue, moodiness and non-restorative sleep.
It is recommended that the sexual partner of the fibromyalgia sufferer also read the book in order to assist her in overcoming the feelings of helplessness so often experienced in the face of this condition.


318 318  Fibro and CFS  -  Roger Murphree  -  2003

Dr. Murphree has been in private practice for twelve years, and he has been successfully treating fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome for the past seven years. He is the founder and past clinical director of a large integrated medical clinic staffed with medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and a nutritionist, who combine prescription and natural medicines to treat chronic illnesses.


320 320  Why am I so Tired  -  Martin Budd  -  2000

At least 10% of the population suffer from symptoms caused by an underactive thyroid (mild hyperthyroidism) could you be one of them?

Most common in women over 40 - although many men do develop thyroid problems - it can cause symptoms which include weight gain, muscle pain, fatigue and hair loss.

Many people with an underactive thyroid gland comment that they. 'wake up some time after their eyes are open'. The thyroid is your metabolic clock and when the gland is inefficient, your metabolism does not usually recover from sleep until around midday.

Difficult to diagnose with the standard blood tests, sufferers are all too often told by their doctors that their problem is 'nerves' or 'depression'. Martin Budd explains:

  • How to tell if mild hyperthyroidism is your problem
  • How the symptom picture will vary from person to person
  • Taking your temperature – a valuable self-diagnostic test
  • Thyroid hormone treatments and animal thyroid extract
  • Your diet and helpful nutritional supplements

MARTIN BUDD N.D., D.O. is an experienced Naturopathic Consultant who specialises in blood sugar disorders and thyroid condition.


322 322  Taking Control of TMJ -  Robert Uppgaard -  1999

If you are among the 60 million people in the United States affected by TMJ disorder, then you may know what it’s like to have your problem misdiagnosed or go untreated. Perhaps you've undergone unnecessary and costly treatments to no avail.

Dr. Uppgaard's Total Wellness Program will help you understand this painful condition, relieve its symptoms, prevent its recurrence, and avoid unnecessary surgery. This comprehensive guide also explores the connection TMJ disorder has to fibromyalgia and whiplash.


333 333  Pacing  - Action for ME - HAS

no editorial available





335 335  CFS ME and Fibro, The Long Awaited Cure

David Mickel - 2004

Extracts from just a couple of Testimonials

Miraculously a door of hope was opened for me. Six months following my initial treatment I am permanently cured and free of the ME. Thank you Mickel RT for releasing me from this cycle of negativity.

It is one year now since I have been cured from Hypothalamitis. I continue to go about my everyday business like I always used to before my illness. I still cannot believe how lucky I was to have that chance. It really has changed my life. It saved me, and my mother says she now has her daughter back.

I just had to think where I would be now if I hadn’t picked up the phone that day and made an appointment. Thanks to Mickel RT and the dedication of my therapist, I now have a life again.


336 336  The South Beach Diet - Arthur Agatston -  2004

The great tasting balanced diet that allows you to eat the food you love at the same time as you shed weight fast.




338 338  Fibromyalgia, Up Close and Personal

Mark J Pellegrino  _  2005

Mark J Pellegrino, MD, is Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Electrodiagnostic Medicine and is one of the nation’s leading experts on fibromyalgia. Dr. Pellegrino is the author of numerous books and articles on fibromyalgia and, despite having fibromyalgia himself, he maintains an active medical practice with over 15,000 patients cared for.


346 346  The Liver Cleansing Diet  - Sandra Cabot  - 2000

Your LIVER CHECK-UP    Do you suffer from:
1. Being Overweight?
2. Abdominal bloating?
3. Poor digestion?
4. Frequent fatigue?
5. Headaches?
6. Unpleasant moods?
7. Bad breath and coated tongue?
8. Irritable bowel syndrome?
9. Sluggish metabolism?
10. Overburdened immune system?
11. Excessive body heat?
12. High cholesterol?
13. Gall bladder disease
14. Fatty Liver
15. Allergies
16. High blood pressure
17. Sugar cravings
18. Intolerance to alcohol
19. Excess alcohol intake
20. Inability to lose weight


350 350  Coping with Chronic Fatigue  -  Trudie Chadler  -  1999

Feeling tired is so common we consider it normal. Yet chronic fatigue can affect people so severely it prevents them from living normal lives. Much of the information currently available about this illness is misleading, confusing or depressing. In Coping with Chronic Fatigue, Trudie Chalder sets the record straight. Drawing on her years of experience working with those who have chronic fatigue, she explains what it is and how it can develop. She also offers helpful and practical ways of coping with and breaking the cycle of fatigue.

You will be amazed at how powerful you can become in making positive changes in your life, learning to cope successfully with difficulties and setbacks. If chronic fatigue is affecting the way you live, this book can help you, step by step, to draw on all your resources and regain control of your life


364 364  The Five Feel-Good Factors  -  Jan Sadler -  2001

Everyone wants to feel good about themselves, and we all want that elusive sense of inner peace and to know that we are living a life that is fulfilling and happy. The original and imaginative ideas in The Five Feel-Good Factors are the means for realising this dream.

The five feel-good factors are introduced as the key to true happiness. Gentle encouragement is given for the reader to embark on a few simple changes in their lives which will lead to personal growth and a transforming attitude to life, enabling greater changes to take place naturally and easily. The skills and techniques used in the book actually work and have a proven track record of success.


371 371  The Monster within Fibro  -  Sandra ellen lefcoe  - 2003

This book is about a woman who wakes up one morning just waiting to take in the next breath of the day. Four hours later, her life begins to spiral out of control. She is thrust into a world where living now takes on new meaning...a world full of so much sadness, fear, uncertainty, despair, pain, and a monster. A monster that slowly rips her apart from her previous world. This is not a creepy-crawly monster that you can step on and crush. This one lives deep within your body. It can suck the breath out of you. It can have you on your knees praying and making deals with whoever will listen - so that you can have your life back. This monster's name is Fibromyalgia.

Hello, my name is Sandra Lefcoe. I have been living with Fibromyalgia Syndrome for the last sixteen years. Dealing with this faceless, sometimes merciless, monster brought out feelings and emotions so intense at times that I was frightened at the thought of this person being me.

Some days, I entered waters so deep I wasn't sure I knew how to get back to shore. I wondered what had happened to that optimistic person who always confronted life's problems head on, the one who loved to laugh and had an almost explosive love of life. I had to find her again. For the first time in my life, I had to actively manage my attitude and spirits. It is a nonstop job, and not one to be taken lightly. Somewhere through these pages, I learned to swim again.


373 373  The Crazy World of Fibro - James Potter - 2005

Although, fibromyalgia syndrome is clearly more prevalent among women, the illness does afflict men as well. In this book I will share the male side of fibromyalgia and open myself up in hopes of helping other men. Along with how I found it affects almost everyone in my family in one form or another.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia syndrome and are reading this, then I'm sure there will be much to identify with. Fibromyalgia is very misunderstood yet so widespread with nearly four million Americans that suffer. There still is not enough known to cure or treat it fully.

Almost everyone with fibromyalgia syndrome has a story that goes back years before they were ever diagnosed with it. Many of the stories read the same. For so long they suffered from something no one had an answer for. They lived in The Crazy World of Fibromyalgia.


375 375  The Fibromyalgia Supporter -  Mark Pellegrino  -  1997

Mark J. Pellegrino, M.D. is uniquely qualified to help patients with fibromyalgia. Not only is he a physician whose area of special interest is treating this condition, he has it himself.

Dr. Pellegrino is Board Certified in Physical C Medicine and Rehabilitation. He serves as Medical Director for Rehabilitation Services at a hospital in Canton, Ohio, where he is also engaged in private practice.


381 381  Stand Like Mountain Flow Like Water 

Brian Seaward - 1997

Nestled between the pages of Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water is the key to life-balance. Author Brian Luke Seaward's deep insight-bolstered by the wisdom of ancient ages, contemporary mystics and scientists - helps us to harmonize our mind, body and spirit during our journey from the tumultuous sea of stress to the unfaltering rock of our spirituality.

Using the path as metaphor, Seaward tells us that reaching the mountain's summit is akin to realizing our own divine connection. To reach our destination, we need to manoeuvre the road­blocks of fear, anger, greed, laziness, guilt and worry we set in our way, while learning to rely on our birth rights, our inner resources, to guide us.

Throughout Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water, there are simple yet powerful exercises to help you identify your stressors, establish and/or maintain sacred rituals in your life, live your joy and get in touch with your true self. This book will help you to stay focused and move forward toward managing stress and maintaining a sense of symmetry in your life.


383 383  Time Alive  - Alexandra Stoddard - 2005

“Our time alive is brief by any standard. Now is the only opportunity we’ll have to give our life meaning and find satisfaction. . . Our big moment is now. . . Our moment of truth is now. Our entire life depends on the wise use of our moments.”

What you don’t do is often more important than what you do
Value your time from one to ten
Luxuries Matter
Try not to act your age
You’re at the banquet
Tomorrow you will begin again


387 387  Healing Pain  -   Ann Berger  -  2006

This is a wonderful book written with the chronic pain sufferer in mind. Healing Pain should be recommended to all persons struggling with chronic pain and to health-care professionals who treat those persons.

What if I told you that I've seen three doctors in the last three years and each one basically told me the same thing in different words, which was, 'There's no reason for the pain I'm feeling.


395 395  Treating Fibromyalgia -  Beth Ediger  - 2006

All three publications listed below were published in the United Kingdom by Fibromyalgia Friends: Scotland with generous financial support from Awards for All.

Treating Fibromyalgia by Beth Ediger

Fibromyalgia: Fighting Back by Bev Spencer

Coping with Fibromyalgia by Beth Ediger

Copies cost £5 each (plus 80p postage for one copy, £1.30 for two copies and £1.50 for three copies).

Fibromyalgia Friends: Scotland
PO Box 5236,
East Kilbride
Glasgow G74 3YF
Tel/Fax' 01355-903363
Support groups placing bulk orders contact FF:S for postal costs.



399  Im not crazy, Im just a little unwell

Leigh Hatcher  - 2005

One day in January 1998, Leigh Hatcher lay down for a ten minute afternoon nap and woke two hours later feeling as if he'd been run over by a truck. Without warning, he'd plunged into a health crisis that was as devastating as it was mysterious.

One of Australia's best-known television journalists vanished overnight from people's TV screens. He fell into a wilderness of pain, exhaustion and confusion that defied medical diagnosis. "Finally, after a year, the verdict came in: chronic fatigue syndrome, or CFS. An illness that many said didn't really exist at all.

In this passionate account, Leigh Hatcher describes the acute physical suffering and huge personal losses of his battle with chronic fatigue. He speaks frankly about the hurt and betrayal he felt when people questioned whether the illness was ‘all in his mind’. He reveals the reserves of personal strength and faith that guided his way through the wilderness and taught him invaluable new lessons about life. And he details the thrilling discovery that unlocked his health once again.

Leigh’s story will bring comfort to all those suffering with CFS, and will show others how to accept, love and support anyone who is wrestling with this ‘multi-headed beast’. Leigh Hatcher is one of Australia’s most experienced radio and television journalists. He runs Omega Media, a media and publishing company, and works as a news presenter on Sky News Australia.


401 401  Inside the Traumatised Brain -  Anthony Piunti  -  2006

After being hit head-on at nearly 100 mph by a drunk driver, a man becomes comatose and is hospitalised for several weeks. Upon returning home, he finds it very difficult to adjust. Though it seems impossible, as there is brutal pain and severe neurological dysfunction, a relative level of coping ability is finally maintained.

A misunderstanding world presents many obstacles on the road of recovery. There are internal problems, as well, including chronic and severe facial pain, epilepsy, vision deficits, fatigue, confusion, memory loss, depression, and the emotional and social problems often associated with head injury. Through persevering, however, gradual improvements come.

I believe this true story offers a greatly needed perspective, particularly for doctors, therapists and the like. It explores the healing of extreme pain and excessive trauma.


421 Pain Free 1-2-3 - Jacob Teitelbaum - 2005

Pain is the red flashing, warning light on your dashboard telling you that something urgently needs attention. Unfortunately, in medical school the full extent of most doctors' education about pain management is to give Tylenol@ or Motrin@ family medications and, if the patient had cancer, to consider narcotics. Now, ground breaking research has shown that the majority of people can become pain free by treating the underlying causes of their discomfort. See the study at

Pain Free 1-2-3! will teach you how to figure out what your body is telling you what it needs so you can both regain your health and vitality and have your pain go away! You're also much more likely to be successful if you combine natural and prescription therapies. With the over 100 treatments discussed in this book, you will realize that we are way past Tylenol@ and anti-inflammatory medications like Motrin@! With so many options available, the book will guide you in a step by step manner so you know exactly which treatments are most likely to help you and how to try them. You've suffered enough. You CAN get pain free now!



Pain Free 1-2-3 - Jacob Teitelbaum - 2006

With its proven step-by-step program, Pain Free1-2-3 shows you how to get rid of the aches and pains that wreak havoc on your life. For years, Dr. Teitelbaum suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia pain until he learned how to effectively treat it. His first-hand knowledge and 30 years’ experience as a pain specialist, lecturer, and researcher give him rare insight into the challenges posed by persistent, nagging chronic pain. This book provides more than 100 treatments along with advice on customising and combing safe and effective natural, prescription, and alternative remedies.


423 423 Journal of: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, v.12 no.1





422 422  Journal of: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, v.12 no.2

Kenny de Meirleir & Neil McGreggor  -   2004

This issue of the journal has articles on the Mycoplasma and Rickettsial infections in CFS patients, an analysis of the association between psychological parameters and Immune and RNase-L anomalies, employment problems with CFS patients and two pilot studies on risk factors for severe CFS and the immunological changes related to exercise in CFS patients.


425 425  Enjoy Yourself, Its Later Than You Think 

Michael Levy  -  1999





428 428  Journal of: Bodywork and Movement Therapies

Churchill Livingston  - 2003

This journal aims to respond to the needs of the international community of professionals involved in bodywork and movement therapies. It plays a vital role in helping these professions to define and clarify their roles, while discussing the broad range of issues that concern the professionals involved. The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles, editorials, summaries and technique papers which explore practical approaches to musculoskeletal dysfunction applicable across all bodywork, movement and manual therapies. The journal clearly explains and interprets assessment approaches, therapeutic strategies and techniques involved in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal dysfunction.


430 430  The Truth about Chronic Pain - Arthur Rosenfeld  - 2003

“The Truth About Chronic Pain is a welcome addition to our understanding of the effects of pain on people’s lives and how they cope with it. . . I enthusiastically recommend this book to health professionals and to the general public”

Luise W. Sullivan MD
President Emeritus, Morehouse School of Medicine, and Former Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


435 435  Fibro The Complete Guide from Medical Experts and Patients  -  Sharon Ostalecki  -  2008

Fibromyalgia: The Complete Guide from Medical Experts and Patients offers authoritative, practical advice and answers to common questions about this debilitating condition. With contributions from a diverse group of healthcare practitioners, the book provides a comprehensive guide for patients and families.

Innovative research is presented by an experienced psychiatrist offering a piece of the puzzle that has been previously ignored and may offer new hope and insight to those with chronic pain. Patients give first-hand accounts of how they have effectively improved their functionality and pain levels by incorporating suggestions outlined in the book. This valuable resource breaks down complex medical issues into understanding terms, and focuses on the most important things readers need to know to understand and manage Fibromyalgia.


438 438  A ray of hope  - Jill Moss  - 2008

A Ray of Hope is a book for everyone with ME who wants a straightforward explanation of how and why ME affects the body as it does, what can be done to lessen the impact of the illness and how to speed recovery.

A Ray of Hope takes the most frequently used treatment programmes: Pacing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Graded Exercise and considers how to utilise all three approaches in an Activity Management programme.

The running theme throughout the book is one of conquering a mountain (as that is what ME feels like). Following this analogy, the activity programme is called the Climbing Approach or CAP.

CAP recognises the importance of the physical, emotional, social and educational needs of the 'climber' as they work towards recovery.


443 443  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Basant K Puri  - 2005
  • Are you suffering from M.E.?
  • Are you caring for someone with M.E.?
  • Does someone close to you have M.E.?

Whoever the sufferer, young or old, man or woman, he or she is highly likely to have been told the condition is 'psychosomatic' ('all in the mind'), depression is the root cause, and antidepressants the only sensible answer.

In this ground-breaking new book you win discover a very different way of looking at M.E. Professor Basant Puri brings together historical and contemporary evidence to show how M.E. is almost certainly a physical, or 'organic', condition resulting from viral and other influences that reduce essential chemicals in the body. As such, it can be treated, and in a natural, cost effective way.

Read how and why EPA ('eicosapentaenoic acid') will be essential to recovery, how to take it, what supplements to have with it, and how to change to a life style that will promote recovery.


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441 Solitudes - Peaceful Classics

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dvd Living with Fibro

When the mysterious pain and debilitating fatigue plaguing a loved one is diagnosed as “fibromyalgia,” the first reaction is usually relief at finally having a name for the pain followed by confusion as everyone scrambles to get information. What does a diagnosis of fibromyalgia mean? Is there hope that things will get better?

Film makers Daneen Akers and Stephen Ever asked these questions when Daneen’s mother was diagnosed with fibromyalgia several years ago. After watching their family search for answers, they decided to make a film about their own journey for understanding and hope. They interviewed doctors, experts, and, most importantly, Daneen’s mom and other fibromyalgia patients who share their own stories of learning to survive and even thrive with this illness.
The result of over two years of interviews and research, Living with Fibromyalgia is a film they wish their family could have watched together when they heard the word “fibromyalgia.”



The Grove Approach - Karen Grove

I suffered from the symptoms of fibromyalgia for more than a decade and tried traditional therapies and treatments, with many making them worse. It became clear to me that a true understanding of the symptoms and how to treat them must be a priority. Like many of you searching for some therapy that works I decided to dedicate my life to ways to properly treat it. The result is my new business called The Grove Approach, a healthier living with fibromyalgia. I began by developing a yoga-like exercise programs, Fibroga 1 + 2. These are both designed by me and made doable for fibro sufferers. Each include warm ups, stretching, minimal strengthening and always closes with relaxation.

note: there is a book to accompany this dvd in the book section 'How to lighten the load of fibro'