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January 2014


Marothan Runner


Dave Chidley did his run in the London Marathon in 4 hours and 30 minutes. Here are the Dave’s words:

“During my training for the London Marathon - the endless Sunday long runs were taking their toll. With 3 weeks to go on a 20 mile run, i started to have difficulty with my right knee (an awful sharp pain and crunching coming from it!) So on the following week night training runs (various lengths/speed/effort to help build stamina for the big day) i was conscious of the knee pain - so found a way to run which did not inflict the knee pain. The following week (2 weeks before the marathon) i had my final Sunday long run - which was a comparatively easy 14miles... about half way round although no pain in my knee - i started to get an awful pain at the top of the left leg. I managed to run the distance - however over night and for the next 2 days i found it hard to walk on the left leg.

I went to see a local chiropractor who worked on the leg - and advised me not to run on it for the time being. So for the next two weeks - i stayed clear of running - having regular treatments by chiropractor - using other forms of exercise to keep my fitness going - and eating lots of carbs (which you are supposed to do before the marathon!)

On the morning of the marathon - i had not ran for 2 weeks - and was not too sure how the leg would hold up.. however i had not had much/any pain in that leg for the last couple of weeks - so was hoping the rest had done it some good. I lined up at the start line - and as always with the marathon it takes quite some time to pass the start line.. after 9 minutes of slow walking i hit the start line and proceeded to break into a jog - and immediately the pain came shooting back... not the best start - with 26.2 miles to go.

I thought of the amount of kind sponsors and not wanting to let them and the charity down i gritted my teeth - put my head down and got on with it as best i could. It was obvious from the first step that i was not going to beat my personal best time and target of under 4 hours. Not only was i in pain - i was running in a pack of several hundred people in the middle of the field... As the miles and hours passed - i managed to live with the pain - until the 24th mile - and believe it or not - the troublesome knee then went! So both legs were out of action.. Somehow though i managed to get through and pass the finish line in 4hrs 36. Not my fastest - but by far the biggest achievement of my life... i am not sure how i got round.

Obviously the next 2 days were uncomfortable for me - and upon visiting my chiropractor she took xrays and advised me to go straight to A and E as she thought that there was a fracture at the top of my leg! No wonder it hurt! After spending a night in hospital i was seen by a couple of Dr's and a specialist. Fortunately the bone specialist said it was not fractured and i was released with pain killers and a pair of crutches!”

Ten days on - i'am still on the pain killers and crutches and my chiropractor is still not convinced it is not fractured.. so it may be a trip for an MRI scan next! I think a very big thank you to Dave is in order, don’t you?